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New York's Finest

Law Firm

Boutique Law Firm represents clients

in Entertainment, Estate Planning,

Real Estate and Business Matters

Welcome to the The Moran Law Group PLLC, New York's premier law firm!

The Moran Law Group PLLC is passionately committed to the practice of law.  

Here, we believe every client is a superstar client, and we are dedicated to

providing you - yes, you reading this, with the support you need!


We  provide stellar legal representation with a modern edge while staying committed

to core traditional legal values. Here you will receive undivided attention in the areas

of Estate Planning, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Probate and all

Business matters, including, Entrepreneurship. 


We offer virtual consultations, so you can receive stellar legal representation within the

comfort your own home! Our vast array of expertise and customer satisfaction will assure

you that you've made the right decision in choosing our firm.


As you browse around our site, take a look at our customer testimonials and

feel free to contact us anytime. 

Remember, you are the superstar here!


-Moran ESQ.  

The Moran Law Group, PLLC brings

personalized Legal Attention To Every Case.

I focus on making personal connections with my clients, which allows me to properly analyze the legal issues they face.

I am a trusted adviser to clients based on my:


Legal Authority

With my expertise in negotiating deals in the Industry, coupled with my thorough understanding of current business, real estate and estate planning laws, I am prepared to advise you on your legal rights and protect your interests.


Compassionate Approach

I bring creative solutions and compassionate guidance to each of my cases to ensure that the terms of the deals are in my clients’ best interests.


Personalized Attention

A good attorney can serve a client’s best interests by guiding them with one-on-one attention, and I am dedicated to working with you in order to achieve the results you need.


The Moran Law Group takes a personal approach to every case.

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