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Accomplished lawyer provides copyright, trademark and contractual services for entertainment industry clients

The Moran Law Group, PLLC helps clients in the entertainment industry protect their intellectual property rights and earnings, negotiate contracts and navigate other related issues. Being creative is a hallmark of an artist or a performer, and I approach my legal practice in a similar manner when it comes to preserving my clients’ legal rights concerning creation of works, copyright and trademark, licensing and more. I have years of experience as a business attorney and am well-equipped to anticipate potential concerns based on a client’s individual situation and address those matters to minimize the risk of legal issues in the future. 

Creative law firm provides personalized attention to clients’ entertainment-related legal issues 

Whatever contractual issue your situation presents, the Moran Law Group, PLLC is available to assist you with the formation, negotiation and enforcement of essential terms in:

  • Producer agreements ⁠— I work with artists and producers to develop agreements surrounding royalties, samples, advances and more.
  • Agency contracts ⁠— My experience with agency contracts involves creating, amending, reviewing them and asserting your interests when disputes arise.
  • Trademark-related contracts⁠ — I can help you with the trademark application process as well as drafting contracts that allow another company to create and distribute certain products under your trademark license.
  • Screenplay option agreements ⁠— When a producer or studio wants to obtain the rights to a screenplay with the purpose of turning it into a motion picture, I draft screenplay contracts that outline how much the writer will be paid for their work and how long the studio or producer has to start work on the project.
  • Licensing agreements ⁠— When a company is requesting to use any aspect of an author or recording artist’s work, I assist these artists by drafting licensing agreements and negotiating royalties.

I have dealt with many issues unique to the entertainment industry and can advise you on the legal impact that may result from having an agent or a manager shop around your work instead of an attorney. I can also shed light on when a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) should be signed and answer questions pertaining to legal issues you should resolve prior to distributing a work for viewing at a film festival. I have helped many authors, producers and recording artists alike, and I can work with you one-on-one to evaluate what you hope to accomplish from your work before developing a roadmap to protect your legal interests.

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The Moran Law Group, PLLC believes that every artist, whether their medium is art, dance, music, film or another creative outlet, should preserve their legal rights. I have been helping clients in Long Island and New York City counties with their entertainment law matters for years. To schedule your consultation at my Garden City office, please call (516) 240-8076 or contact me online.

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